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Assistant Professor of Management (OB/HR) at EDHEC Business School

Ph.D., in Organizational Behavior (ESSEC Business School)



I am an Assistant Professor of Management (Organizational Behavior/ Human Resource Management) at EDHEC Business School in France. Prior to joining EDHEC, I was a postdoctoral researcher at IESE Business School.

Being bicultural and having lived in several different countries, I have always been fascinated with how individuals think about who and where they want to be. Accordingly, my research revolves around two broad themes: Role transitions, and identity.

My research on role transitions explores how individuals move across different positions and the challenges that accompany such movement. In my research on identity, I investigate how individuals sustain representations of themselves that foster feelings of continuity and coherence in contexts characterized by uncertainty. My work explores the intersection of the two themes and the role of identity in undertaking and navigating role transitions.

In brief, my research focuses on individuals’ experiences of uncertainty when they move across roles, and when they are confronted with challenging and threatening experiences. My current and future research will be aimed at exploring and furthering our understanding of these topics to provide insights into what prevents or promotes individuals’ well-being and commitment to organizations and host countries (in the case of migrants).



   Macro-role transitions

   Micro-role transitions

   Identity and Identification

   Multiple identities

   Identity threat

   2017 - 2021

ESSEC Business School

Ph.D., Management (Organizational Behavior) 

   Fall 2019

George Mason University

Fulbright Grantee, Visiting PhD student, Management Department

   2018 – 2019

KU Leuven

Visiting Ph.D. student, WOS Department

   2015 – 2017

ESSEC Business School

Master's in Business Administration Research (MPhil)

   2010 – 2014

NEOMA Business School

Master's in Management

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